10 Myths about our bodies during the summer

It’s the time of the year again, Our favorite. Its summer time! For this special occasion we’ve gathered a few common myths regarding the hot season, continue reading and check out if they are true or not!

Sitting in the shade prevents tanning

Mistake! Sitting in the shade does not prevent tanning, the sun’s rays are returned from the sand directly to the body and with them the radiation.

Tanning in a tan bed is healthier than tanning in the sun (and not even dangerous)

Mistake! Tanning bed is more dangerous than the sun exposure. There are rays in tanning beds that emit ultraviolet radiation that causes cumulative damage that can cause eye and vision damage, rashes, premature skin aging, multi-staining, pre-cancerous lesions and a real risk of skin cancer.

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Sun fungus only appears after sun exposure

Mistake! Only 5-10 percent will develop the disease as a result of sun exposure. Although the fungus is prickly as it is more pronounced when the skin is tanned, in practice there is no connection between being in the body and tanning.  Sun fungus is a preservative type, that is, a fungus found in our natural environment. It was nicknamed Sun Mushroom because it is much more pronounced when the skin is tanned, but in practice has nothing to do with it. However, only 5-10% will develop the disease depending on sun exposure, geographical area, pregnancy, prolonged use of steroids and more.

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If I use protective spray is equivalent to use sunscreen cream

Mistake! Automatically, the amount coming out of the spray tank is much smaller than when using the cream and therefore most protection is less optimal.

The nails grow faster in the summer time

Correct! This phenomenon is probably the result of heat, a significant climate change affecting faster growth.

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In summer, the sweat stinks more

Mistake! Sweat is usually odorless; it is the bacteria on the skin that cause the sweat to spread such odor.

Applying sunscreen in the morning provides sun protection for the entire day

Mistake! Applying sunscreen should be replenished every two hours.  It is best to avoid exposure during the hot hours from 10:00 until 17:00 pm.

Consult a dermatologist only when new signs or moles appear on the skin

Mistake! It is important to consult every year, to make a diagnosis and review skin moles with a specialist dermatologist, even if before a year has passed and there is a change in lesion, pain, itching, it is recommended to be tested again.

Botox treatments in the armpits cause compensatory sweating

Mistake! This is a traditional solution that has proven itself over the years in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. Contrary to expectations, sweat that does not come out of the armpit does not come out completely from anywhere else.

It does not matter how long I was exposed to the sun as long as I am wearing sunscreen

Mistake! The exposure time that is sufficient for a person to be exposed to the sun is 10 minutes a day.  

The content on this article does not constitute professional opinion, recommendation, substitute for consultation with an expert or obtain any medical advice.

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