5 foods that will satisfy out after a workout

Many trainers ask themselves what to eat after a workout. So, for those who are tired of eating protein or who don’t have time to make anything, here are 5 healthy and nutritious snacks you can eat after a workout

Chicken breast with sweet potato and broccoli

Protein, complex carbohydrate, and a green vegetable, which is always a good idea.

A protein snack

You already know that a protein snack has endless addictive treats, but also is a protein-rich snack.  This is what you need to build muscle after a workout.

Quinoa salad

Besides carbohydrates, quinoa also contains proteins, so it is perfect after a workout and quinoa salad can contain a variety of additions – cranberries, almonds, hazelnuts, fruits, kale or avocado. Want more protein? Add salmon to the salmon.

Vegetables and hummus

Hummus contains fiber and protein and is a delicious, fast, and healthy solution for a quick meal after a workout.

A smoothie with almond butter

You don’t have to explain the benefits of green leaves or chia seeds, but after a workout, you should also add almond butter, which is also delicious, a source of healthy fat and protein-rich, to your shake.

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