5 innovations in sports that will make get up and work out

Whether you are a people who lead an active lifestyle or you just aspire to it – we all need the encouragement and motivation that will make us go out and work out. Those who come to our aid in this regard are new technologies in the field of sports that will make our workout feel easier, accessible, interesting, and more entertaining. Get acquainted with the 5 intriguing innovations in sports and physical training that will make you want to get out of your chair and start moving.

1. Smart shoe laces

For those who are sports enthusiasts, the practice of tying shoelaces during a workout can be very annoying. It turns out that after many years of shuffling, an interesting renewal came to this area as well, called Hickies. The simple and clever principle of the Hikis is to work on durable and sturdy rubber bands that go into the loops in the shoe and replace the old laces. The smart rubber band comes in one size that fits any shoe, with each rubber band coming into a pair of parallel loops in the body, and is able to shrink and expand according to leg movement, allowing flexibility along with a perfect fit for the foot.

2. Earphones for swimmers

Music provides a rhythm during a workout, increases motivation, and prevents boredom, but what should we do if our workouts include swimming or diving underwater? A new invention called Finis Neptune also allows swimmers between us to listen to music while they’re in the water, and it’s not the headphones in the usual sense. This advanced product is actually a small device that attaches to the swimming goggles, near the swimmer’s ear, and uses the sound conduction of the bones in the empty area to transmit the sounds to the trainer. The smart device also makes the music stronger and clearer when used in the water, and contains 4GB of storage space and a rechargeable battery.

3. Running track while competing with yourself

Competition is a volatile matter – it can motivate us to improve and succeed, but at the same time it can also make us feel frustrated and constantly compared to others. That’s why in Manila, Philippines, there’s a running track that encourages you to compete not with others, but yourself! Nike has set up this track with a 200-meter circular LED screen that shows the virtual image of runners as they move on the track with a chip on their shoes, allowing them to compete with their image. The runway is designed like a bright and colorful shoe imprint and allows 30 runners to use it at the same time and get motivated by their simulated on-screen image, which grows as they run faster.

4. Basketball with memory

If you are the one who enjoys a basketball game between friends in the yard or in the municipal court, you will be happy to discover the following: A WX basketball that tracks your missiles and misses and sends information about them via a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone without having to remember them in mind. The innovative basketball also makes a spectator sound and allows you to improve your skills with 4 modes of play, such as counting under a clock countdown clock and firing from the penalty line.

5. Cooling shirt

To keep yourself cool and dry during training, you will need to make sure the sweat evaporates from your body and allow it to stay well ventilated. An innovative technology, developed by American researchers, simulates the cells of animals that are able to expand and contract according to their need to cool or warm their bodies. The new technology is actually a biological clothing fabric that has biological properties, with vents that open and shrink in precise and pointy response to body heat and the amount of sweat the trainee raises.

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