5 technological trends that are about to become the industry standard

Today, more than ever, we are experiencing so many changes in technology that we are using that a product that set the industry standard in its field just days ago may become obsolete in a few years. As evidence of this, you can take the example of a disc that is disappearing from the world, although until recently it has been used in most areas of digital media. So, it should come as no surprise that technology we have recently become accustomed to will soon be replaced by a more efficient and new one. Get to know the 5 technological trends that may change the way you experience your world.

1. Smart Clothing – Clothing that will help you stay fit and healthy

In 2015, we got to know the smartwatches, which in comparison to a smartphone are not doing anything special, are symbolizing a new era of smart clothing that uses a technology known to upgrade every field.

2. Smart Cars – You may need to renew your driving license

When we were kids, we dreamed about flying cars, but few of us imagined that during our lives we would be allowed to drive in automobiles that do not require the control of a human driver. This is in manufacturing and we believe that in a few years will be in use.

3. Artificial Intelligence – Start talking with robots

Artificial intelligence technology is the one that activates Siri on your iPhone, and through it, you can verbally communicate and get help in different areas as if communicating with a personal assistant. However, the artificial intelligence seen in the near future is even more reminiscent of physical communication between humans, as the many technological advances going in this direction are being done in the field of robotics.

4. Drones – The fastest way to get service

We’ve already come to know drones from the amazing videos we’ve seen in recent years, where we’ve seen more and less known areas around the world from angles we couldn’t reach without a helicopter or airplane, but this year’s drones sales exceed all previous years and are in the millions.

5. DNA editing – the medicine of the future

Occasionally, a tool comes along that completely changes the way scientists do their work, such as the microscope that, in its early days, helped to increase the bone examined 1,000 times its original size and helped scientists see things that until then we’re just a theory. CRISPR-Cas9 is going to revolutionize scientists too, but in a field, that is much closer to your heart. This is actually a new technology that allows scientists to make accurate changes to living cell genes. This may have been possible in the past, but the method was very slow and complicated, so it has not been adopted until today and it has not revolutionized medicine. CRISPR-Cas9 uses a completely different, faster, and more convenient technology that has already made a big impact on our world.

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