5 things you should (and shouldn’t) get into bed with

1. Let go of the bra

Despite the assumption that a bra will prevent breasts from dropping, sleeping with a bra exposes us to other health issues: inhibition of blood flow, pressure on the diaphragm and difficulty in breathing, skin irritations from the ligaments and even fungal infection. In short, overnight is a great time to release any limitations and reach deep sleep.

2. The freer the better

Lingerie is good but it is tight and sticks to your body. On the other hand, we all know that this is an outfit that holds only for 10 minutes. During sleep, ventilated and loose – ventilate all areas that are covered throughout the day and breathe properly.

3. Wear socks

Socks warm your feet, lower blood pressure and prepare your body for sleep. Studies have found that heated feet help with quicker sleep, while socks also help maintain the appearance of the feet and help prevent cracks and dryness. And also: If you tend to sweat, socks can absorb some of the moisture.

4. Go for a head wrap

Although it seems unconventional to wear something on your head when you go to bed, know that wrapping your hair with a silk scarf can achieve the amazing hair you’ve always dreamed of waking up with. Sleeping with a head wrap prevents scrubbing of the hair in the pillow, reducing the likelihood of split ends. By the way, silk scarf prevents hair dryness and gives it a smooth and silky texture.

5. Use blindfold

Sleep is a sacred moment of the day and as such, do not let anyone disturb it: from excessive noise to a crack in the window. Therefore, earplugs were fitted (for partner snoring cases) and blindfolds. Studies have shown that sleeping with these aids helps produce higher levels of melatonin, less sleep disorders, and more time for deep sleep.

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