Amazing Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations: How They Did It Is Quite Remarkable!

If you think staying in the limelight is all about fame and money, it’s not. In order to gain fame and money, you need to work extremely hard. Especially when it comes to Hollywood, not just your talent but your physical condition matters a lot as well. Therefore, most of the celebs spend time in the gym or going for other weight reduction tactics. Regardless, staying fit and in shape is a big demand that even some A-Listers can’t always achieve. Let’s take a look at some of the famous celebrities & how they transformed themselves in order to look good!

Ricky Gervais – 40 Pounds – Exercise

Ricky Gervais is a comedian who is best known for his outstanding performances in The Office, Ghost Town, and Extras. Back in 2010, Gervais turned his life around by prioritizing getting his weight under control. Gervais really worked hard in the gym and also made sure that what he was eating on a daily basis was actually good for him. He was able to lose a total of 40 pounds. Gervais has been gaining some weight in recent years, and he actually asked his followers back in 2018 to insult him just so he’d be motivated to lose weight again. Gervais currently stars in the Netflix series, After Life.

Jack Black – 20 Pounds – Exercising & Dieting

For some time now, we’ve been enjoying the comedic skills of actor Jack Black. His weight, however, has been unstable over time. He has had the desire to lose weight and consistently become a slimmer man by altering his dietary habits and improving his nutrition intake but to no success. Apparently, Jack just loves his cheeseburgers too much. However, in 2011, he successfully lost about 20 pounds. He did regain it, but he had his moment. Jack’s career has been booming in recent years with four movies in 2018 and an upcoming Jumanji sequel in 2019.

Ashley Dunn – My 600 Lb Life

If you’ve watched My 600 Lb Life, you may have come across Ashley Dunn at some point or the other. Ashley participated in the show in 2016 with an initial weight tipping at an incredible 725 pounds. Ashley put in a lot of effort and time into her weight loss journey. She came back to the show several times to share an update on her progress to the viewers. Over 24 months, Ashley’s efforts lost her 350 pounds of fat!

Dunn has been keeping people posted about her journey through a Facebook page as well. She frequently posts pictures and updates on her weight and her weight loss journey on the page for those interested to keep up. The weight loss surgery that Ashley underwent on the show helped her with her body, but not with her mental battle. She still had to fight the emotional eating that had brought her to the point of 725 pounds. Fortunately, she did!

Dawn French – 120 Pounds – Diet & Walking

Dawn French is a famous actress and comedian from Britain who got popular after working for the television series French and Saunders. She also appears in Delicious and has written books A Tiny Bit Marvelous and According To A Yes. Dawn had been worried about her weight causing her health risks which directed her to a life of healthier choices, one after the other. She started with a low-calorie diet which resulted in automatic weight loss. Later on, she included steady and regular walking in her routine which enhanced her posture and helped her to maintain her weight loss progress. Now, she looks happy with the work she put in to get this stunning body!

Amy Schumer – 40 Pounds – Exercising & Dieting

Being on Comedy Central was just what comedian Amy Schumer needed to acquire fame. As her fame grew, so did the caliber of acting jobs she was getting. The film Trainwreck is one noteworthy project that she was signed to. However, she was asked to lose weight for her part in the movie. Therefore, she employed a personal trainer to develop an eating plan and to take her through various types of physical exercises. She really achieved success as she lost 40 pounds and was visibly slimmer on the movie. Amy went on to star in I Feel Pretty, a comedy movie released in 2018. 

James Corden – 70 Pounds – Interesting Workout

James Corden is the host of TV show The Late Show With James Corden and he is famous for his carpool karaoke sessions with celebrities from all over the Hollywood. James Corden has a joyful persona on the screen which naturally brings a smile to his audience’s faces too. Corden recently lost 70 pounds and he has been flaunting his weight loss too. Instead of opting for heavy lifting or conventional workouts, he picked exercises that included dancing so that he would enjoy his weight loss too. Another big change that played key role in his weight loss was letting go of carbs. We can definitely see the results as he looks more handsome and hearty!

Adele – 40 Pounds – Healthy Diet Plan & Working Out

The gorgeous and extremely talented Adele simply kills in whenever her new album or solo is released. Along with picking up awards almost every year, she is also known for her hard work & determination. But during all that work load, she started gaining some extra kilos. She immediately worked on the situation and started working out. With the help of an organic diet, she was able to reduce almost 40 pounds. Now, she looks absolutely gorgeous! (as if she wasn’t previously)

Claire Richards – 80 Pounds, Diet Plan

You might remember Claire Richards as one of the most beloved members of the famous 90s music band Steps. Although, the band did quite well in its time, all good things must come to an end. Richards turned to emotional eating to cope with this break up and gained a lot of weight. It became difficult for her to control the fluctuating relationship between food and emotions. However, she finally took control of her habits and followed a strict diet plan to lose up to 80 pounds. Let’s hope she will keep the weight off for good now!

Michael Moore – 70 Pounds – Diet Alteration  & Walking

Michael Moore, who has directed various documentaries, can claim that he started a walking movement, albeit unintentionally. When he went walking one day, he tweeted about it and various people around the world started doing their daily walks too. Eventually, Moore had thousands of people walking with him daily. He has cut certain elements from his diet such as white bread, salt, and sugar. Though he hadn’t intended to lose weight, he ended up losing 70 lbs when he started his walking sessions. He did a cameo as himself in the TV show BrainDead in 2016 and appeared at the 50th-anniversary celebrations of the Lincoln Center Film Society in 2019.

Mark Labbett – Diet and Exercise

Mark Labbett is a television figure who has established quite a reputation. He is popular as being the chaser on The Chase, a hit TV show. An American version of the popular show aired in 2013, and Labbett was the sole ‘chaser,’ and he also managed to be one of the six chasers in the show’s Australian release. He has been dubbed ‘The Beast’ because of his nature on the show.

Well Labbett’ The Beast’ weighed in at about 378 pounds at one stage. The star quiz genius sports a frame of 6 feet 6 inches, making him a beast indeed! Fortunately, Labbett was able to shed his excess weight, amounting to a cumulative weight loss of about eleven stone! Of course, he deserves a round of applause for such a feat! Labbett managed this through diet and exercise – the old fashioned way!

 Jorge Garcia – Vegan Diet

One celebrity who has been unabashedly candid about his love affair with all things delicious is Jorge Garcia. Garcia has voiced his weaknesses when it comes to food, and many people can relate to the star’s inability to resist temptation when it comes to matters of the stomach. However, this has changed. Currently, Garcia is adopting a better relationship with food and with his body. Garcia’s acting career made him want to lose his weight. He went on to get a role in Lost and had to lose 30 pounds to play ‘Hugo.’

Garcia’s weight had tipped to 400 pounds, which is a cause of worry among his fans. His only chance was gastric bypass surgery. However, with a healthy vegan diet, he took everyone by surprise, including himself! Garcia impressed the doctors with a 100-pound weight loss. A healthy diet sure can be powerful, right!

Mark Wahlberg – 60 Pounds – Jumping Rope & Dieting

All throughout his professional life, actor/businessman Mark Wahlberg hasn’t failed to be fit and toned. His role in the film, The Gambler, demanded more of him, however, and he had to lose a significant 60 lbs to portray his character. It was reported that he was unhappy during this process, and jumping rope was what helped him shed the pounds the best. When filming was over, he resumed his normal dietary and workout patterns. Being a fitness enthusiast, Wahlberg purchased a share of the fitness franchise F45 in March 2019.

Rebel Wilson – 40 Pounds, Hiking & Diet

Rebel Wilson has been famous for two things; her brilliant comedy and her fuller figure. Despite her being overweight, she has been a part of some stunning movies. But for a new role, she had to cut off some extra pounds. But like other conventional stars, she decided to lose them the fun way. Rebel started hiking and trekking while cutting on those desserts. In less than 6 months, she lost more than 30 pounds. We just hope she can continue her fantastic journey to fitness!

Scarlett Moffatt – 36 Pounds – Intense Workout & Diet Plan

Scarlett Sigourney Moffatt, a well-known TV celebrity who got fame from English reality TV show GoggleBox lost 3 stones weight and dropped 10 dress sizes. She released a weight loss DVD after her successful body transformation in which she revealed how she managed to lose her weight and shared her story for everyone who’s looking to do so. She had to go through intense workout sessions to achieve her desired results. Also, she had to cut down calorie intake and almost pushed it to breaking point.

Susan Boyle – 50 Pounds, Healthy Diet & Workout Routine

Susan Boyle made the headlines when she appeared as a contestant on Britain’s Got Talent. Not only was her voice so impressive, it even opened a door for her to the music industry. She then made seven successful albums and increased her net worth overnight. With moving forward, looks like Susan also made a decision to change her lifestyle. While it’s unclear how long it took her to loose this much weight, she sure does look absolutely healthy and slim! Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, Susan now has control over her health and she can keep moving forward with her career.

Natalie Cassidy – 40 Pounds – Self-Discipline

Natalie Cassidy plays the role of Sonia Fowler in the British series by the name of EastEnders. In the past, she has appeared in other television shoes and contests such as Psychoville and Strictly Come Dancing. For Natalie, putting on weight was surprising but she knew she had to change her habits if she wanted to get her desired body. She made suitable changes in her lifestyle such as eating strictly 1500 calories in a day, including more vegetables in meals and avoiding snacks. She also realized the importance of regular exercising as it helped her be fit and healthy. Her comeback has been wonderful and she definitely looks more confident now!

Nelly Furtado: Fab Abs Diet

The Portuguese-Canadian singer shot to fame with her debut album Whoa, Nelly! This was in the year 1996, and she’s been a sensation in the music industry since then! However, despite the numerous hits to her credit, she did disappear from the limelight for a few years. According to an interview by the singer and songwriter, she had a nervous breakdown on the stage. That’s when she made up a mind to take a break from touring around the world.

With a current net worth of 35 million dollars, the singer is back and entertaining people around the world. Besides her musical voice, Nelly was also famous for a breathtaking look. However, the singer started gaining a few pounds over the years, and it didn’t look like she cared about it. However, her recent pictures show that her comeback is not just in music but in her breathtaking looks too. She had adopted the Fab Abs diet to achieve her weight loss goals.

Kevin James – 85 Pounds – High-Intensity Exercise And Good Diet

Seeing the scale get to a little more than 300 lbs, actor Kevin James was determined to do something about it. He lost 40 lbs in 2011 then, for the period 2011 to 2012, gave himself over to a high-intensity exercise system and a high-protein diet that also includes green smoothies. He successfully shed an additional 85 lbs but began regaining it again in the middle of 2012. Kevin then lost 20 pounds by March 2018, with the aim of losing 50. Kevin was the star of Kevin Can Wait, a TV sitcom that ended production in 2018.

Holly Willoughby – Undisclosed – Diet plan & Workout At Home

Holly Willoughby, the beautiful TV celebrity, best-known as a host in I’m A Celebrity English TV show has lost some weight in 2018. Though, she’s never disclosed her secret of weight loss but other celebrities and her trainer have shared a few details. She’s kept herself on a balanced diet: eating fruits, vegetables, chickens and sometimes, eating pizzas and cheese. Holly was smart to hire Lynne Robinson (owner of Body Control Pilates) as her personal trainer who helped her do workout at home and the results are obvious. Holly had to go through body weight transformation since she put on some weight after the birth of her child. She was able to tone her body and looks skinny and beautiful than before.

Peter Kay – Diet and Lifestyle Change

Comedian Peter Kay is a famous television personality. However, his fans did not get to see him for a long time, which was a cause of worry to them. It also left them wondering what he was up to during this hiatus. There were a lot of hot gossips centered around the cancellation of his show when he went out to fix his issues and plenty of news and controversy in the mix. However, he was back rather quickly, and his fans were in for a pleasant surprise!

When Peter Kay was back in the spotlight, he had an impressive physique. He had lost a lot of excess weight, and while he wasn’t very candid about his weight loss journey. Peter went on to even crack a couple of jokes about food. He also shared with the public that he didn’t follow a rigorous diet, and rather, he undertook a couple of lifestyle changes. He is quite an inspiration as a result of anybody who wishes to be healthier all around.

Bruce Vilanch – 22 Pounds – Lap-Band Surgery

For many years the actor/comedy writer Bruce Vilanch has been a popular figure for his amazing jokes and his portly body. He attempted to rid himself of the extra pounds both in private as well as in a reality show. We watched him lose 22 pounds in the third season Celebrity Fit Club. Unfortunately, he regained them after the show ended. He then reasoned that lap-band surgery was the solution for him to remain permanently slim. After a while, he made up his mind and took the plunge. Now, he’s a much slimmer man enjoying his  $8M fortune.

George Wendt – 75 Pounds – Exercise & Diet

When the sitcom Cheers was was a very popular show on TV in the ’80s and ’90s, many of us became familiar with George Wendt who played Norm in the show. Wendt was never a small guy. But when that comedy ended, he had obviously packed on more than a few pounds. This caused some individuals to be concerned. He then took control of the situation by incorporating physical activities into his lifestyle and altering his meal choices. He lost 75 pounds and looks a lot happier. Wendt’s most recent acting credit is voicing the character of Grandpa Clancy in the 2018 animated show, Fancy Nancy.

Rachael Ray – Healthy Diet and Workout

The celebrity cook, author, and television personality Rachael Ray is a popular name in every American household. Her net worth of $100 million speaks for her success as a television personality. And that’s a lot! Rising to fame and winning hearts with her television shows like $40 a Day, 30 Minute Meals, and Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels, one can imagine the struggle she must have gone through to maintain her perfect figure.

The celebrity cook, author, and television personality Rachael Ray is a popular name in every American household. Her net worth of $100 million speaks for her success as a television personality. And that’s a lot! Rising to fame and winning hearts with her television shows like $40 a Day, 30 Minute Meals, and Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels, one can imagine the struggle she must have gone through to maintain her perfect figure.

Despite being in her fifties, she doesn’t look a day beyond a 30-years-old post after her weight loss. In a tell-all interview, she spoke about how she was on a healthy diet, made sure to keep herself hydrated at all times, and indulged in some high-intensity workout. She drinks around 8 ounces of water every day, which helps her cleanse the toxins out of her body. It doesn’t come as a surprise that she’s managed to lose around 50 pounds the healthy way, given her knowledge of food!

Wayne Knight – 100 Pounds – 1500 Calories Per Day

Wayne Knight is a voice artist as well as an actor who has worked with many wonderful Hollywood classics such as Toy Story, Jurassic Park and Hercules. He is also known for his TV show character as Newman in Seinfeld. Although Knight’s career has been doing well, he wanted to get healthier when he saw that the scale was exceeding 350 pounds. This is when Wayne took control of his diet and eating habits that lead him to his healthy and fit body. He restricted his daily calorie intake to 1500 per-day which naturally made difference. Wayne also made sure that his 1500 calories consisted of raw vegetables, lean meats and good fats so he could lose weight in the best possible way. Finally, he has reached his goal and we wish his all the best for his health!

Marla McCants – My 600 Lb Life

Many morbidly obese people feature on the show called My 600Lb Life to showcase how their immense weight gain has impacted their lives. Participants lose weight, undergo surgery, and share the details of their journey through the show. The show also brings participants back at a later stage to keep everyone updated on their weight loss. The record holder at the moment isn’t officially Marla McCants, but if she is being truthful about her 600-pound weight loss, then she is the star of the show!

Unfortunately, McCants has a very public beef with the producers of My 600 Lb Life. Her issue with the producers runs so deep that she is even writing a book documenting it. The book will also cover aspects of her weight loss along with her experience on the show. However, because of her issues, she did not return to the series and so she isn’t the official record-holder for the greatest weight loss.

Candace Cameron Bure – Vegan Diet and Regular Exercise

Being an actress is nothing short of easy. She is always in the spotlight, vulnerable to the criticism of nit-pickers. Candace Cameron has had to deal with such scenarios. Being an actor as well as a producer and mom at the same time, it was easy for her to gain weight. However, the 40-year old beauty refused to give in to the temptation. Instead, she chose to stay as fit as possible. And she is reaping the benefits of doing so.

At her age, Cameron could easily pass for someone in her twenties. To stay in shape, Candace had to make sacrifices to attain a healthy and beautiful body. She did this by following a vegan diet and staying away from dairy products. However, she occasionally consumes eggs and poultry products. Besides her diet, she also consistently follows a workout routine. Her typical workout routine consists of a schedule that revolves around doing cardio, high-intensity interval training, and resistance training every week.

Jessica Simpson – Strength Training and Low-Carb Diet

The voluptuous Jessica Simpson has long been teasing men with her physique and her beauty. However, she gained plenty of attention from the female crowd with her dramatic post-natal weight loss! She got back into fabulous shape after having her baby, to the surprise of everyone. Simpson, the star fashion designer, and singer lost approximately sixty pounds of post-pregnancy weight!

Simpson accomplished her impressive weight loss feat with the help of a diet change and a lifestyle change. She took up resistance training and adopted a low carbohydrate diet. She now loves fitting smoothies into her day, and she makes sure to jam-pack them full of metabolism-boosting ingredients. Simpson’s trainer is Harley Pasternak. Pasternak revealed that Simpson does plenty of cable abduction and sumo squats to maintain her figure!

Valerie Bertinelli – Strict Diet and Exercise

Valerie Bertinelli no doubt deserves plenty of credit for her role in Hot in Cleveland, a production that simply wouldn’t have packed the same punch had it not been for her starring in it! Bertinelli attracted a lot of attention for her performance in the role, as well as in her other credits. However, in the year 2007, Bertinelli began attracting the wrong kind of attention – for being alarmingly out of shape!

Bertinelli managed to pile on 172 pounds of excess weight on her frame. Her weight gain was a hot gossip topic for some time before she took matters into her hands to remedy her weight gain. Bertinelli adopted an effective plan of action to lose her extra weight. With a strict diet in place and a good exercise plan to stick to, Bertinelli jumpstarted her journey and eventually hit her goals. She now looks incredible!

Jonathan Antoine – 60 Pounds -Diet and Exercise

You probably remember Jonathan Antoine. He is a familiar face as once participated in Britain’s Got Talent. Unfortunately for Antoine, his health wasn’t excellent in both physical and mental terms. Antoine was struggling with depression and obesity, two challenges that do not mix well together. These were only two of the problems that he had experienced for several years.

When Jonathan Antoine attracted plenty of support and became rather successful in the competition, he gathered up enough confidence and determination to tackle his obesity. Antoine took on a weight loss journey and dealt with his mental health issues healthily. He had the support and guidance of Weight Watchers to see him through his goals, and he managed to shed sixty pounds. Antoine serves as an inspiration to all the obese individuals in the world who have mental health issues as well – he proves that it is possible!

Lisa Marie Presley – Exercise and Diet

It isn’t surprising why most people find weight loss so challenging. Weight loss is a process that requires a lot of commitment and many sacrifices. Adopting a completely new lifestyle isn’t easy, and the most difficult part is having the determination to do it. Of course, Lisa Marie Presley is one lady with plenty of determination to boot! That’s how she managed to find inspiration, lose the pounds, and keep fit!

Being the daughter of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, means that Lisa Marie Presley is constantly under the spotlight. Lisa’s famous father died as a result of his unhealthy lifestyle, and so she must have found it within herself to motivate herself to be healthier for the sake of her family and her health. She serves as an inspiration to fans and followers across the world.

Kaley Cuoco – Exercise and Healthy Eating

Darling Kaley Cuoco is a star actress and producer who is famous for her role as ‘Penny’ in the hit television series called The Big Bang Theory. This role was her big break, as she landed many other series roles afterward. Cuoco has grown as a member of the entertainment industry, and her flawless looks gave her a huge fan base. She has always been an attractive woman, even when she gained excess pounds on her frame. However, she took matters into her hands to shed the extra pounds.

Kaley took to following a fitness regimen and a healthy meal plan to get her body back into shape and maintain it that way. She hopped back onto the fitness wagon and has remained trim and fit ever since. Kaley is also very frank about fitness and admits that it is a challenge to maintain a beautiful body, unlike many celebrities who make it seem like it is effortless and ‘natural.’

John Daly – 100 Pounds – Popcorn Diet and Lap-Band Surgery

In May 2017, John Daly, who was part of the PGA Tour Champions, became the victor in the Insperity Invitational. Legendary for the skills he has displayed in golf, Daly has become even more of a legend for his unique sense of style. His weight loss method is kind of unique, too, but it’s not something that doctors would approve. Apparently, he only ate popcorn and thus dropped 67 lbs. It was reported that Daly underwent a lap-band surgery sometime in early 2009, which resulted in him losing over 100 pounds by the end of that year.

Kathleen Turner – Limited Alcohol Intake

Kathleen Turner worked to change her life around and make vast improvements to her health after her diagnosis with rheumatoid arthritis. At first, she was on medication that made her bloat up and gained a lot of excess weight. At the time, she was more concerned about treating the arthritic pain. However, when her weight gain began to hamper her daily living, making mobility difficult, she decided it was time to do something about it.

She had been using alcohol as a pain reliever, and so she took it into her stride, got into a rehabilitation facility to overcome the problem. She stopped relying on alcohol, and with the empty calories no longer entering her system, the pounds began to fall off. The figure on the scale was dropping lower and lower. She also added a clean eating plan for her efforts and began doing Pilates and yoga.

Kim Zolciak – Diet and Exercise

Kim Zolciak is nothing short of stunning. She was the dream woman of many males across the globe who ogled her as she starred in The Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, it was evident that Kim didn’t have control over her eating as she simply couldn’t resist all things edible, whether it was vegetables, pasta, or sweets. Kim quickly added on the pounds as she was overindulging in foods. She eventually got tired of the body shaming and having lost her figure.

Kim Zolciak then took on a strict diet of healthier meal options and portion control, which was very important. She also drank a lot of water throughout the day. Kim began hitting the gym, and she made a habit of having a banana before her workouts to fuel up for the activity. She also avoids red meat. All of her efforts have worked together to bring her figure back into a fabulous shape!

Celine Dion – 7 Pounds – Overworked

Celine Dion is a megastar in every sense of the word. She has long been a famous face, gracing the television screens, magazines, and billboard hits. Dion is an icon, and she will remain so forever! She lost her husband to cancer in 2016, and she went through a rough patch at the time of his death. However, she is picking up the pieces, but her frail body had fans very worried.

Celine Dion had been overworking herself, which led to her losing weight. This is unhealthy as Dion was not overweight and didn’t need to lose any pounds. Of course, she could bounce right back into her healthy weight range if she took some time to take care of herself, have healthy meals and plenty of rest. She is still an active artist, but she needn’t work as hard as she has been.

Delta Burke – Diet & Exercise

Delta Burke made a name for herself after she appeared in CBS sitcom Designing Women. She played Suzanne Sugarbaker and showed everyone how exceptionally talented she is. In her short career so far, she has managed to grab two Grammy nominations. In her personal life, she battled weight loss but finally she made it across the lane, weighing 150 pounds less.

Honey Boo Boo – Unknown, Diet & Exercise

Honey Boo Boo’s now a famous television personality along with her mother, Mama June. While Mama June herself lost about 150 pounds and went from a size 24 to a size 4, it really did inspire Honey Boo Boo as well. Which is why, she followed her mother’s footsteps and guide to start her own weight loss journey. While it is still not clear how much weight Honey Boo Boo has lost, it’s not hard to tell that she has transformed herself when you look at her. By just saying no to greasy food, this little girl has achieved so much!

Gabourey Sidibe – Surgery & Balanced Diet

The Precious star has always been on the heavier side & it might have been one of the reason for her fame as well. But with time, she realized that all those extra pounds were detrimental for her health. She decided to undergo a gastric sleeve surgery & lost a whopping 140 pounds. Since then, she has opted for healthier eating & we hope she continues like this!

Jennifer Holliday – 124 Pounds, Gastric Bypass Surgery

Jennifer Holliday started her career on the Broadway and she starred in many famous musicals such as the Dreamgirls. And meanwhile this role brought her to heights of success, she was also dealing with clinical depression which made her turn to emotional eating. Only after putting on a dangerous amount of weight did she realize that it would take toll on her career. Therefore, she was the first female artist who opted for gastric bypass surgery and lost 124 pounds!

Keely Shaye Smith – 100 Pounds – Strict Workout Regime

Known popularly for being Pierce Brosnan’s wife, Keely was often body shamed in the mainstream media for her plus-size figure. Her public image is probably what lead this curvy woman to lose extreme weight. Keely started off as a slim and trim woman when she met Brosnan and later on the model and journalist put on weight after the birth of their children. With the help of a strict cardio regime and a diet chart, Keely managed to meet her ideal weight mark! But one thing is clear; with or without the weight loss, Keely always appeared as a strong and independent woman!

Tyson Fury – 130 Pounds – Military Diet

Tyson Fury is a British boxer who has won many matches including the IBO, IBF and WBA. The 30-year old boxing star had put on some weight which was also effecting his performance on the ring which made him want to get in better shape. His focus was to maintain strength as well as lose weight. Tyson Fury lost weight by picking the infamous military diet which focuses on the intake of black coffee with protein-rich meals. But he also combined weight-lifting and training to his routine which enhanced his strength and made him physically fit!

Chris Shea – Kung Fu & Special Salad Diet

Chris Shea, restaurant owner and a renowned chef, well-known for his participation in Top Chef season 5 has dropped 45 pounds weight. He was able to achieve the weight loss goal through Kung Fu and eating a special salad as a diet. He revealed the special recipe of the salad in an interview for everyone looking to lose weight. Chris had to go through weight loss transformation after potential threats of heart attack since his blood pressure was out of control and high levels of cholesterol.

Ashley Graham – 20 lbs – Healthy Eating & Workout

Ashely Graham caught the internet’s eye by becoming one of the top plus-size models in the industry. At size 16, Ashley broke the barriers and raised her voice about body positive image which also lead to a change in the fashion industry with more and more plus-size models taking part in campaigns. However, recently Ashley Graham was criticized for losing weight, especially around her waist and hips. While fans are split when it comes to whether or not Ashley is a plus-size model, it’s not known how she achieved her goal.

Kerry Katona – 28 Pounds – Slimming Injections

Kerry Katona, former Atomic Kitten lost 2 stones in six weeks and looks incredibly hot now. She put on lot of baby weight after giving birth to a daughter but she was determined to shed it off after she met Ampika Pickston; Real Housewives of Cheshire star. Kerry went through a controversial slimming injection plan and it seemed to have worked for the songstress. Ampika introduced the £250 plan to her and the desperate Kerry signed up for it since she was really worried about her diet routines and a lot of body fat.

Chrissy Metz – 100 Pounds – 20 Minute Walk

Chrissy Metz earned her fame in the spotlight because of her role as Kate Peterson in the TV series This Is Us. She has also been nominated for the Golden Globe and Emmy awards. She just transformed herself completely by taking over her health. She has lost up to a hundred pounds with help of a strict diet based on 2000-calorie consumption in a day. She also walks for up to 20 minutes each day which boosts metabolism and quickens fat loss in the body. After her steady dedication to getting healthier, she is more motivated to stay on track and maintain her progress. She definitely looks even fresher and ravishing now!

Shannon Beador – 35 Pounds – Workout

Shannon Beador, a star who appeared in the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 gained 40 pounds of weight during her time in the show. She’s determined to cut lose the extra fat she put on, and opted for physical workout. She’s lost over 35 pounds until today and still working out to slenderize her body. Reality TV star aimed for 40 pounds weight loss which she eventually will in the coming few weeks. She recently uploaded her pic on Instagram to show her new looks and she looks extremely beautiful after losing all the calories.

Drew Barrymore – Daily Workouts

Actress and model Drew Barrymore never shied away when it came to her plump figure. Over the years, Drew has lost and gained weight. While the Charlie’s Angels star struggled with her use of nicotine, while breaking away from old habits she also lost 25 pounds. Recently, the 43-year-old showed off what’s it like to loose weight and she credits her achievement to extreme dedication to exercising. The mother of two has now become a symbol for inspiration for those going through their weight loss journey as well!

Kevin Smith – Vegan Lifestyle

Kevin Smith’s career includes being an actor, comedian and film-maker. It was the movie called Clerks which put him under the spotlight. He decided to lose his weight after being diagnosed with heart attack. Adopting to vegan diet helped him put down 68 pounds within a year and he now weighs under 200 pounds which is a definitely a first in his life after high school. But that is not all because Kevin also joined a gym which proved to be even more effective and helped him get leaner!

Abby Lee Miller – 100 Pounds – Restricted Calories & Exercise

Abby Lee Miller is not only a choreographer but she was also part of Dance Moms which put her in the spotlight. She went through a wonderful journey of weight loss by restricting her calories each day. She wanted to get healthier, therefore, she became more conscious of the food that she was consuming each day. She also adopted a good workout plan that aided her weight loss plan and helped her get back in shape. This lifestyle switch made her feel more robust and active meanwhile she lost 100 pounds. We are so happy that she feels more confident and looks amazing!

Chris Pratt – 60 Pounds, Training & Intermittent Fasting

The Guardians of The Galaxy actor gave credit to his ex-wife Anna Faris and her cooking for his weight gain. On average, Chris ate more desserts per day than meals. However, due to his rising movie career and popular roles, he decided to go on the weight loss journey. By training four to five hours a day, Chris was able to lose 60 pounds in just 6 months. In his most recent interview about going back on the weight loss road, he admitted to losing a few pounds through Intermittent fasting.