Carbohydrate- Is it a must?

Long before carbohydrates became the forbidden fruit of every woman with thighs, abdomen, and conscience, it was actually a pretty positive idea. For those of you who curse themselves after munching cream pasta, you should know that carbohydrate is the body’s driving force, its energy. For example, If the human body is like a car, then the carbohydrate is the fuel. However, a good idea that is not supported by good public relations can win a particularly bad reputation. Sadly, this is what happened to the unfortunate carbohydrate that just wanted to bring energy to the world.

The reason for the poor marketing of carbohydrates is because a lot of people don’t even know what its role in our bodies. When you eat carbohydrates, the body creates insulin – the hormone that turns all the sugars in our body to energy or fat.

insulin is the one that promotes obesity, which means, its not the carbohydrate itself that makes you fat but the excreted substance while eating. Insulin tells the fat tissue a rather disappointing message: “Don’t fall apart.” But in practice, unbalanced eating of carbohydrates causes insulin to make you feel hungry, wanting sugar, loose nerves, mood swings, hair loss and more.

The point is that there is no need, and it is also strongly recommended not to avoid eating carbohydrates, but care should be taken to eat them in such a way that the body makes as little insulin as possible. The right way is to eat the right carbs, is to spread them throughout the day and combine them with protein and vegetables.

The more complex the better

Another reason that might make you give up carbohydrates is the fact that carbohydrates and sugar are exactly the same – made up of the same chemical. And we all know how much sugar, sweet as it is, doesn’t just sit right where we don’t want it – it’s also very unhealthy for us.

The only difference between carbohydrates and sugar is that in sugary carbohydrates, sugars are isolated in foods (such as beads), compared to regular non-sweet carbohydrates where the beads are intertwined to form a kind of chain. When sugars come in single units, they taste sweet (like fruits, honey, sugar, etc.). When they are created in chains, their taste is not sweet (bread, rice, vegetables, etc.). In truth, before the known carbohydrates enter the body, they break apart from the chains into individual units and function just like the simple carbohydrates. To make a long story short and simple: then the amount of carbohydrate in three cherry cookies or five marshmallows is equal to the amount of carbohydrate in a slice of bread.

Don’t leave everything to the evening

So, after all, that has been explained so far, the natural and first thing we should all do is to throw out the evil carbohydrates, especially the sweet and complex ones. So, don’t do that. Carbohydrate prevention does not help with rapid weight loss. This is a myth that is already shattered. When we lose carbohydrates from the menu, three major problems are created: first, our fuel, energy, is reduced and the body has to settle for 50% of consumption.

Second, carbohydrate prevention breaks down muscle, and third, the body weakens, hair falls out and the body has difficulty recovering.

Another stigma attached to carbohydrates is that when you eat a meal in the evening, you get more fat than if you eat the same meal in the morning. Again, false and false. In the modern world, there is hardly any difference between calorie burning during daytime and evening hours. Today, we all sit for most of the day, so the body burns a given number of calories every hour so that it doesn’t matter when you eat.

On the other hand, do not leave all carbohydrates for the evening. This is a mistake that will only cause increased obesity. When you do not eat carbohydrates, your body slows down processes, and then when you eat in the evening and a lot, your body no longer burns the food as well as it could if your calorie-burning was maintained throughout the day.

*The content on this article does not constitute a professional opinion, recommendation, substitute for consultation with an expert or obtain medical advice.

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