Lazy people can do it too: fitness in front of the TV

Exercising outdoors is still the best way to lose the belly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything even while watching a game in front of the TV

Sit upright

This is a real tip, and not even very difficult. Sit upright as you watch TV, and try to shrink your pelvic floor as much as possible. Steadily, the body burns up to about 10% more calories than it is limp. Do it a minute and repeat the action as much as possible.


This is already an exercise you should know from the gym. Straighten your legs as much as possible, hold for 5 seconds and repeat slowly for 12-15 times. Take a 30-second rest and repeat the operation again. If you want to raise the level of difficulty, you should put a pillow between your feet. Once you put the pillow on, you have to hold it so it doesn’t fall. This raises the difficulty and allows work on the hip muscles as well.

Lift your knees

Sit upright on the couch with palms resting on the couch at the sides of the couch, raise your knees toward your chest 15-20 times while maintaining a 90-degree angle between the calf and thigh. Repeat this operation 3 times. Easy for you? Straighten your feet slightly to a 130-degree angle, once you sit and lift your feet up static, it’s harder.

The right way to use Coca-Cola

Take two bottles of Coke (or one and a half and a half bottles) and lift them 20-30 times with your elbows close to your body (front hand). Immediately afterwards, raise your hands straight up as you hold the bottles and snap them together, and slowly lower the bottles towards the back of the neck while keeping arms raised at the sides of the head and straightening your hands (back hand). It’s like what we do with weights at a gym.

Lying down exercise

If you get tired of all this strenuous physical activity and you get some rest, this has a solution too. When the sit-down situation slowly turns into lying on the side, Straighten the body as much as possible, lift one leg and hold it in the air for 30 seconds and repeat the action again.

Who doesn’t like cold drinking

Drink cold water, that’s good for you. Cold water forces the body to warm them to body temperature and for that energy is invested. You.

Children are a blessing

Parents of small children? Lift and lower the offspring (slowly while holding it under the armpit firmly) 15 times in the air to the head (shoulder strengthening). If you lie on your back, hold them close to your chest, raise them as high as possible (again, slowly and steadily), and snap them back close to your (chest and backhand).

Clean the living room

Any help with a sponge, windows, closet arrangement, cooking without tasting in the middle, arranging dishes from the dishwasher and shopping, will help your body burn a few more calories, and on the way to help around the house.

Of course, we encourage you to do more massive sports and incorporate appropriate nutrition programs, but this is the minimum you can do.

* The content in this article does not constitute a professional opinion, recommendation, substitute for consultation with an expert or obtain medical advice.

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