No special training required: 6 ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine

The regular recommendation of at least 10 minutes of aerobic exercise (or 75 minutes a week) is the healthy recommendation, but we all know that incorporating a special time for working out during the day is always a gentle ambition which hardly happens.  How to move more without wasting too much time? This is how:

Park a few blocks from your office

Try to increase your physical activity by doing the things you usually do on a daily basis – only more strenuously, such as getting off the bus one stop in front of the station that you need to get down and walk a bit, or choosing a more distant parking place when you drive to work.

Start moving as soon as you get up in the morning

You can walk, dance a bit or stretch. Instead of postponing exercise for the rest of the day, then forgetting about it or never reaching it, you should do it right away in the morning.

Do not sit down for more than half an hour

When you’re at work, try to get away from your computer every 30 minutes and get up to loosen your legs a little, whether by walking to a colleague’s desk, taking a short walk to the kitchen, or a short walk outside after lunch. If you have a smart watch, use its and set up a “standing reminder” and do not ignore it.

Exercise with your dog

The exercise you do with your dog every day can be effective for you too – while running outside or in the garden, you can also try aerobic exercise for 10-15 minutes, such as climbing and dropping off the bench in the park five times per foot, or pushing your feet while placing your feet On the bench. Another option is to take the dog to an area with lots of stairs or elevations – the effort the body exerts in climbing is similar to running, only without putting too much pressure on the joints or knees. Also try to gradually increase the number of steps you take during the round.

Move while you cook

Again, the idea is to incorporate physical activity into day to day life rather than allocating it special time. So, while you wait for the cattle to boil, for example, you can do push-ups against the kitchen counter.

Image by Werner Heiber from Pixabay 

Do squats while you are on the toilet

You are already sitting there anyway, so why not stay on the toilet a bit and do 8-10 squats in a row before getting up? Squats not only strengthen the leg and core muscles, but also reduce the risk of fall injuries in older ages.

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