Swimming is the perfect way to start a change- from a couch potato into a healthy lifestyle

There is a moment when we feel we need to make a change- Lose weight, start exercising, and adopt a healthier lifestyle. This could come at the age of 30,40 or 50, following a meeting with our family doctor, who, with a worried look, tells us that we must begin to behave I a nicer way to our bodies. Most people come to this moment after years of not exercising, and the enthusiasm of the beginning, if not done right, can often end in injuries that prevent us from continuing to reach our goal.

Here you enter the swimming picture, or to be precise, rowing style swimming. Among the various swimming styles, there is no doubt about the tremendous benefits of rowing, which makes it the best and safest sporting activity for those who want to make a change and start adopting a healthy lifestyle.

1. In rowing style swimming there is no weight load on the joints

Unlike running or walking, where there is a very high weight load on the joints, the body weight in water is about 10% of its weight on land. Therefore, the number of injuries in swimming is significantly lower compared to any other sport. People who have not been exercising for a long time and start running are at high risk of injury as the body is not accustomed to overloading the joints and muscles, a load that does not exist in the pool. In addition, water supports all body weight and so there is no danger of shocks that will damage muscles or bones such as running or walking.

2. Excess weight has no meaning in the water 

The desire to get rid of extra pounds is a major reason why people want to make a change and start exercising. The problem is, the extra pounds require more effort and more strain on the joints as we engage in walking or running, which can lead to injuries or the feeling that the effort is too great and thus short of lifting. Rowing is the only activity where bodyweight does not affect the level of effort during swimming (as mentioned above, body weight in water is only 10% of its weight on land), so overweight people manage to do better swimming than any other activity out of water.

3.Body muscles operate at the same time

Only in rowing style swimming almost all of the body muscles operate at the same time as running or cycling, in which we exercise almost exclusively the lower body, in rowing almost all body muscles work simultaneously, which results in a particularly high amount of fat and calories (400 Half an hour!), Symmetrically body shaping and strengthening the core and back muscles that most of us neglect daily.

4. In summer, it is much more pleasant to be in the water.

 The summer is a warm and humid season, running, walking, or cycling in the summer can be a nightmare. in swimming, however, you don’t sweat and feel the heat and humidity which gives it an added and significant advantage over other activities – it is simply more enjoyable.

Swimming is a sport of technique. If you learn the technique, swimming becomes a pleasure. The feeling of water on the body while swimming is like a relaxing massage. When you implement the right technique, you can control the intensity of the effort. When you understand the sport rowing style swimming you discover a whole world. The results will come fast – getting rid of extra pounds, looking better, and feeling full of energy.

* The content in this article does not constitute a professional opinion, recommendation, substitute for consultation with an expert or obtain medical advice.

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